Coming Events

Dear Lakeview District Scouters:

What an exciting time this is for the Lakeview District. We've recently undergone a change in our District leadership following the nominations from our District nominating committee wherein several of us accepted new leadership positions within the District. We greatly appreciate the service of Mayor David Kelly as District Chairman and David Ball as District Commissioner over the past two years. We have a new District Committee coming together with new Chairpersons for each of our Operating Committees and each of us look forward to eagerly serving each of you.

Beginning in the month of June we will be implementing a slight change in the days and times of our Lakeview District meetings. Starting the first week of June the following schedule will be implemented for our District meetings:

  • 1st Thursday of each month - Roundtable Meetings will begin at 7:30 p.m. with the Commissioners Cabinet Meeting immediately following the Roundtable meetings beginning at 8:30 p.m. lead by our new District Commissioner Bill Allen. (For all (ADC's) Assistant District Commissioners and (UC's) Unit Commissioners)
  • 2nd Thursday of each month - District Committee Meeting, 7:00 p.m. (for all District Committee members)

All Meetings will be held at the LDS Grapevine Bldg. located at 1143 Butterfield Drive in Grapevine as currently being attended.

UPDATE: The District Committee Meetings at 7pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month will be held at the LDS Stake Center in Trophy Club. The address is 2509 Trophy Club Dr., in Trophy Club, which is across from Byron Nelson High School.

This new schedule will allow for better reporting and will allow us to receive information and updates from each of you at Roundtable (or from our Unit Commissioners following their Commissioners Cabinet meeting). We can then have that information available for discussion the following week at our District Committee Meeting in order to better address any concerns or needs from our units and ultimately better serve each of you as Scouters in the District.

I look forward to serving with each of you and dedicate myself to support and assist you and our scouts with having an even better program moving forward.


Darren Bartels
District Chairman
Lakeview District