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Lakeview District Camporee


Click here to download the 2017 Camporee Leaders Guide for Scoutmasters and SPLs so that all patrols can prepare to compete to their best abilities.

The Lakeview District Camporee will be April 21-23, 2017 at Camp Sid Richardson (SR2) Buchanan Springs. The ULTIMATE CAMPOREE ADVENTURE will have fun-filled action events. Think "Captain America" meets "American Ninja Warrior!" For sure it's going to be an adventure. Make sure your unit is up for one! Your troop's leadership participation will determine the success of this event!


  • Bullseye Archery
  • All Tied Up, and Nowhere To Go, KNOTS
  • Build it Right, Pioneering
  • Hit the Mark, Tomahawks
  • Need a Place to Sleep, Blind Tent Pitch
  • Let's Boil Something, Fire Building
  • Leave No Trace, Isotope Retrieval
  • Need a Bath, Water Race
  • Ready, Set, Go Canoe Race!
  • Ready, Aim, Fire Muzzle Loader Rifle
  • Let's Eat, Mystery Cooking
  • Find the Gold, Geocaching

Troop/Patrol Contests:

  • Patrol Flag
  • Patrol Yell
  • Leave No Trace
  • Troop Getaway
  • Camp Wide Game, Friendship


For more information, contact:
Larry Dew,