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Cub Scout Leader Training

  • Youth Protection Training: available online at

    New leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training within 30 days of registering and before volunteer service with youth begin. Youth Protection Training must be completed every two years to remain current.

  • Fast Start: available online at

    Fast Start training is the first step for any new volunteer. It should be taken as soon as possible after a new leader registers and before he or she meets with any youth member. Fast Start training provides an immediate comfort level for the new leader and enables you to say, "I can do this!".
    • Den Leader Fast Start
    • Cubmaster Fast Start
    • Pack Committee Fast Start
    • Scout Parents Unit Coordinator Fast Start
  • This Is Scouting: available online at

    This Is Scouting provides an overview of the Scouting organization, including history, values, programs, Youth Protection, community involvement, and training. The module consists of six video sections, each followed by a brief quiz.

  • Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training: available online at

    Once a volunteer has a solid overview of the BSA programs, he or she can begin training for a specific Scouting position through Leader Position-Specific Training. This training provides the specialized knowledge a new leader needs to assume a leadership role. Each course is designed for a specific leadership position. Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training has been developed for the following pack positions and their assistants.
    • Tiger Cub den Leader
    • Wolf Cub Den Leader
    • Bear Cub Den Leader
    • Webelos Den Leader
    • Cubmaster
    • Pack Trainer
    • Pack Committee Member
  • Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO): conducted in-person, see Lakeview District training calendar and Longhorn Council training calendar for course dates.

    BALOO training is a necessity for each pack. At least one adult leader must be BALOO-trained and in attendance for a Pack to go camping. Longhorn Camp Rangers will insist on seeing the training card before a unit may set up camp. What will you learn in BALOO training?
    • How to Plan a Pack Campout
    • How to Cook in the Outdoors
    • Camping Equipment – Essentials, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Etc.
    • How to Plan a Campfire
    • Health & Safety in the Outdoors
    • Planning Programs & Activities
  • Outdoor Webelos Leader (OWL): conducted in-person, see Lakeview District training calendar and Longhorn Council training calendar for course dates.

    Camping is a cornerstone of the Webelos Scout program. This places an obligation on the Webelos Den Leader to make this experience exciting, uplifting, fun, and memorable. OWL training is designed to help leaders learn how to provide a memorable camping experience for their Webelos Scouts and parents. It is sometimes taught in conjunction with Introduction to Outdoor Leader skills (IOLS) so Webelos Leaders will be able to learn about area troops and possible combined event opportunities.